Software legalisation

Kompjuter Tehnika can consult you on legality of the software, provide analysis of your existing software and make an offer of the most efficient way to legalize your existing software.

Having in mind the situation regarding software legality in Serbia, rated as highly unsatisfactory at this moment with stagnating 74% piracy, which puts us at the top of the IDC list, Ministry of Finance - Tax Administration has introduced the so called Action plan, in order to combat this situation

Preuzmite zvanično saopštenje Poreske uprave

Poreska uprava je formirala Posebnu jedinicu, koja se bavi isključivo proverom legalnosti softvera kod pravnih lica. Kao podrška akciji promocije legalnosti sofvera, Microsoft je sastavio dokument koji predstavlja vodič za utvrđivanje legalnosti Microsoft softvera.

Preuzmite vodič za utvrđivanje legalnosti Microsoft softvera