Data recovery procedure

Data recovery procedure consists of the following:

Upon receipt, the type of malfunction and options for data reading are diagnosed and analysed, only if we can provide you with the replacement parts/electronic components.

The price is formed depending on the type of malfunction and data reading options. We will contact you first to obtain your approval and then proceed to data recovery.

Upon your approval, the data recovery process begins with an agreememnt between us on the type of device to which the recovered data shall be transfered. It is usually a mobile/external USB disc/memory unit, but sometimes (in case of not too many data) - it can be saved on a DVD or on hard discs through usual connections (PATA or SATA).

After our work of data recovery (which can take a few days) is done, we will contact you in order to bring the device on which you would like to have your recovered data stored or you can purchase one from us.

You can check your recovered data first, on our computers, to see if all data needed is there.

You can wait for the transfer of the recovered data or you can leave your device with us (recovered data transfer can last up to few hours), in which case we will schedule the pickup of your device.

Payment is due before pickup or you can make the payment in person on the pickup.